Anhar Aljazeera Trading Company

A Saudi national company with unique standards and profound experience, from which we derive our steadfast vision to provide a diverse range of products and services characterized by the highest levels of quality and excellence.


Anhar Al-Jazeera Trading Company, a leader in the world of contracting and interior design in the Kingdom. We go beyond traditional boundaries to offer our customers a comprehensive solution that combines quality and luxury while adhering to the highest professional standards. We have followed a consistent vision centered on innovation and a deep understanding of the latest technologies and global specifications. Our services cover various fields, from general contracting to intricate interior finishes and decorations to retail sales. We guarantee an unforgettable experience that reflects the quality of service and attention to the finest details.
Every project we undertake at Anhar Al-Jazeera is a testament to uniqueness and excellence. We pride ourselves on our team of experts and professionals who actively contribute to realizing our vision, through their commitment to excellence and providing the highest service levels.
At Anhar Al-Jazeera, we consider ourselves partners in your success, constantly striving to fulfill your dreams and aspirations. We are committed to giving our best while maintaining optimal quality and cost. We are here to help transform ordinary spaces into vibrant areas that embody the essence of beauty and uniqueness.


General Contracting

The general contracting service at Anhar Al-Jazeera delivers a comprehensive solution to all your construction and building requirements. Our seasoned team of engineers and technicians is committed to executing projects with the highest quality, harnessing the latest in technological advancements. Our approach centers on fully grasping client expectations and meticulously transforming them into a tangible reality, all while ensuring projects remain on schedule and within the agreed budget.

Internal Decorations

The interior decoration service at Anhar Al-Jazeera is a fusion of transformation and innovation. We elevate spaces into artistic masterpieces that mirror your distinct taste and style. Our skilled designers collaborate closely with clients to manifest their visions into reality. Through the application of luxurious materials and innovative solutions, we curate spaces that harmoniously merge functionality with beauty, offering both comfort and allure. With Anhar Al-Jazeera, interior decoration is an expansive art, that knows no boundaries.


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Construction Finishings

The finishing service at Anhar Al-Jazeera is a testament to both quality and innovation. We provide interior and exterior finishes that mirror the latest design trends, always catering to the unique needs and anticipations of our clients. Our team is characterized by its vast experience and skill, guaranteeing distinctive finishing solutions that strike the perfect balance between aesthetics and functionality. We utilize premium-quality materials that ensure longevity and durability. Furthermore, we emphasize intricate details, bestowing a unique artistic touch to every space.

Repairing & Maintenance

The maintenance and restoration service at Anhar Al-Jazeera offers effective and prompt solutions to preserve the quality and beauty of spaces. Whether you’re facing issues with leaks, cracks, or any other damages, our specialized team is adeptly equipped to handle it efficiently. We employ modern techniques and high-quality materials to ensure lasting and effective repairs. Our dedication to precision and quality guarantees the restoration of spaces to their original state or even improving upon it. With Anhar Al-Jazeera, maintenance and restoration have never been more seamless or professional.

Building Constructions

The construction service at Anhar Al-Jazeera symbolizes the fusion of art and engineering. From laying the foundations to the final touches, we ensure the realization of visions and dreams in refined architectural creations. Our team, comprising skilled engineers and craftsmen, is dedicated to providing top-notch innovative solutions and leveraging modern technology to ensure durability and excellence. We attend to every detail and ensure the effective execution of tasks timely. At Anhar Al-Jazeera, we don’t just build structures; we construct your dreams with confidence and professionalism.


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Members of the Board of Directors

Eng. Khalid AlRaikyChairman of the Board


Haitham AlRaikyGeneral Manager


Saad AlSayedChief Executive Officer


Rami AlsamiMarketing Manager


Hossam Abd AlNaserHead Of Accunts


Mostafa AlSayedPurchases Manager


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A Saudi national company with unique standards and profound expertise, from which we derive our steadfast vision to offer a diverse range of products and services characterized by the highest levels of quality and precision.
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